Cleveland International Piano Competition 2024 banner

What’s New in 2024

With our renewed commitment to identifying and supporting the future leaders of the piano world, there are a few exciting new elements we are bringing to the 2024 CIPC:

1. New competition structure that will nurture and appreciate individual artistic expression

With innovative rounds like two-piano transcriptions and salon performances and increased repertoire flexibility throughout each stage, contestants will be able to showcase their artistry and creative programming in ways that are traditionally not supported within a competition. In addition, contestants will have several opportunities to share their career development goals and artistic vision with both jury and audience members.

2. Expanded prizes built to support the needs of today’s developing artists

In addition to significant monetary prizes and the exceptional prize package for the Mixon First Prize Winner, the Artist Development Program provides unique opportunities for contestants to gain specific skills necessary for building a career in today’s world.

Prizes include:

  • Residencies at northeast Ohio universities
  • Mentorship opportunities with leading pianists, faculty, and innovators in the classical music world
  • Short courses in personal branding, social media marketing, fundraising, online teaching, and similar topics
  • Workshops on how to build new programming and audience engagement

3. Renewed commitment to equity throughout the Cleveland International Piano Competition

Equity has always been a cornerstone of the CIPC, especially in the adjudication process. We have further increased our commitment to equity by having multiple juries for different competition rounds.

Beyond adjudication, we have dedicated slots within the First Round for contestants from underrepresented backgrounds to ensure that all qualified pianists – regardless of your country or ethnicity of origin – have a chance to participate in the CIPC. Plus, within recital rounds, we have instituted new repertoire guidelines that require contestants to explore works from composers of underrepresented backgrounds (or from your home country!).