Community Education and Outreach

Piano and Keyboard Donation Program

The piano is one of the most musically-accessible instruments—without a single lesson, almost everyone can play a melody on the piano. However, we recognize that piano is simultaneously one of the least accessible instruments, due to its size and expense. This pilot program aims to break down these barriers by re-homing pianos to those in need, whether they are students wishing to begin their piano journey or community spaces where live music is otherwise inaccessible.

three little girls playing the piano wearing christmas hats

“Now that we have a heavenly baby grand piano, life is different when hearing the soothing, beautiful melody of it. When I play on this amazing instrument, I feel like I could be playing in front of the whole Cleveland Orchestra! We really are so blessed to have this wonderful musical experience in our lives and I know I will play forever thankful to Piano Cleveland for making this musical dream come true!”

Jaina Cormack, age 10

By making a financial gift to the Piano and Keyboard Donation Program, you can help cover the cost of the initial moving and tuning costs of one piano, estimated at $400.

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