Community Education and Outreach

Request an Instrument

To request an instrument, please click on the drop-down menus below to read the eligibility requirements.

Interested in receiving a piano?
  • Pianos are being re-homed to students, community centers, senior living facilities & rehabilitation centers, and other area organizations.
  • Students must have a private teacher.
  • Piano Cleveland will cover the cost of instrument transport to one location, tuning, and maintenance for three years, while retaining ownership during that period.
  • Once the three years have elapsed, the recipient can choose to own the instrument outright, or return it to Piano Cleveland to be redistributed to another student or space in need.

Request a Piano

Interested in receiving a keyboard?
  • Portable 66-key keyboards or full-sized 88-key keyboards with weighted keys can be requested. You may indicate your preference on the form below.
  • Portable keyboards are newly purchased instruments.
  • All keyboards will be owned by the recipient at the time of donation

Request a Keyboard