Individual Supporters

The Cleveland International Piano Compeition is extremely grateful to the following individuals who have made the Competition possible. This list includes gifts and pledges received from June 1, 2018 through August 13, 2019 as outright donations, in-kind gifts, and/or attendance at fundraising events. We have made every effort to list our supporters accurately. We regret any errors or omissions.


$2,500 to $3,499

Misun and Frederick Cummings
Shirley B. Dawson
Raffaele Di Lallo and David Reimer
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Y. T. Yen

$1,000 to $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bertsch
Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown
Lloyd Max Bunker and Anthony Bianchi
Ellen and Victor Cohn
Diane L. Collier and Robert J. Gura
Allyn and John Davies
Rebecca F. Dunn
Teresa and Ted Good
Robert Goss, in memory of Margaret Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Harrison
Jane R. and Michael Horvitz
Norman Hyams
Patricia M. Kozerefski and Richard J. Bogomolny
Ingrid L. Lantner, MD
Lee Maxwell and Michael Prunty
George A. Misencik Living Trust
Mr. and Mrs. A. Malachi Mixon III
Barbara S. Robinson
Diane M. Stack
Martha and Ed Towns
Gregory Wilson
Carol and Lee Vandenberg

$500 to $999

Stephen and Jean Bucchieri
Ann C. Calkins
Jerry and Pat Fritz
Iris and Tom Harvie
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Ivancic
Ursula Korneitchouk
Richard Lee
Geoffrey and Susan Lefferts
Lynn and Mike Miller
Sarah-Theresa Y. Murakami

$300 to $499

Cynthia Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Berick
Mr. and Mrs. William Colvin
William and Stephanie Eisele
Vera Holczer
Drs. Lars and Marion Svensson
Joe and Ellen Thomas
Lucy and Charles Weller

$200 to $299

Anonymous (2)
Bonnie M. Baker
Karl and Lisa Beus
Carole Brown
Lesley and Stephen Brown
Frances Seiberling Buchholzer
Avroy and Roslyn Fanaroff
Joy E. Garapic
Marshall Griffith
Kathleen C. Kenny
Jennifer and Roger Langston
Dick and Barbara Lederman
David and Heidi Magnuson
S. Sterling and Judith McMillan, III
Drs. Lynne S. Megerian and Cliff A. Megerian
Stanely W. Morgenstern
Ms. Patricia Moyer and Mr. Stephen Bottorff
Paul and Connie Omelsky
Elisabeth C. Plax
Keith and Margaret Robinson
Michael Ruffing
Christine Semarjian
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Sheldon
Nan T. Sims
Mary Lou V. Stricklin
James and Cindy Zins

$100 to $199

Faisal and Laurice Bakaeen
Marilyn Bedol
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Berick
Suzanne and Jim Blaser
Judith and Ralph Bluhm
Jere and Elaine Brophy
Carole Brown
Michael and Karen Kaputo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Coakley, Jr.
Dr. Dale and Susan Cowan
Rosemary Deioma
Mr. and Mrs. William Donahue
Mary A. Dunbar
Carmel Fantelli
Paula M. Forma-Paslawski and Peter A. Paslawski
Barbara and Peter Galvin
Mrs. Joseph Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillespie
Dr. David and Susan Goldstein
Dr. Murray A. Goldstone
Bernie and Sara Golias
Sally Good
Timothy and Dotty Hansen
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Heupler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Janson
Mrs. Joan C. Long
Cookie and Herb Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Milgrom
Antoinette S. Miller
Louise F. Mooney and John Gabel
Stanley W. Morgenstern
Barbara Myers
Ron and Judy Neuger
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Ocepek
Wayne Pearsall
Alma G. Perla
Lawrence Peskin
Peter and Vera Peterson
Ted and Laura Pinnick
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Reeves, Jr.
Howard and Sally Price Ross
Jay and Toby Siegel
Sam and Sandy Smith
Evan Solomon
Doris Sopher
Paul E. Staker
Steve Szilagyi and Jodi Kanter
Marcia Ungar
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Zigmond