Individual Supporters

Piano Cleveland is extremely grateful to the following individuals who have made our programming possible. This list includes gifts and pledges received from January 1, 2019 through May 20, 2020. We have made every effort to list our supporters accurately. We regret any errors or omissions.


$2,500 to $3,499

Mark and Maria Andreini
Frederick and Misun Cummings
Rebecca F. Dunn
Stephen H. Gariepy and Nancy Sin
James Graham and David Dusek
Rochelle and Harley Gross
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Ivancic
Charles Michener
Noha and Philip Ryder
Kim Sherwin
Dr. and Mrs. Wulf H. Utian
Mr. and Mrs. Morry Weiss
Dan and Ellen Zelman

$1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bertsch
Suzanne and Jim Blaser
Stephen and Jean Bucchieri
Benjamin Chen
Diane L. Collier and Robert J. Gura
Dr. Dale and Susan Cowan
Allyn and John Davies
Adam Friedman
Teresa and Ted Good
Robert Goss
Marshall Griffith
Martha and Steven Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Harrison
Iris and Tom Harvie
Nancy and Norman Hyams
Joseph and Anne Juster
Cynthia Knight
Judith and Steve Kovach
Thomas and Dianne Mann
Lee Maxwell and Michael Prunty
Dr. and Mrs. Beno Michel
Sarah-Theresa Y. Murakami
Richard and Cheri Pace
Dr. Lydia Parker
Geralyn M. Presti
Barbara S. Robinson
Mary and Nathaniel Smith
Diane M. Stack
Dr. and Mrs. Jordan Tobin
Martha and Ed Towns
Robert and Mary Jo Weber
Betsy Wheeler

$500 to $999

Viia R. Beechler
Dr. Erol and Laura Beytas
Charles and Christy Bittenbender
Winslow Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. David Elk
Jerry and Pat Fritz
Joy E. Garapic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. David Goldbert
Roe Green
Judge Burt W. Griffin and Beatrice Griffin
Carol B. Hall
Seth and Lilli Harris
Jane R. and Michael Horvitz
John Illges
Mr. Steve G. Szilagyi and Ms. Jodi Kanter
Kathleen C. Kenny
Richard Lee
William H. Lennon
Ivy Lewis
David and Heidi Magnuson
Cookie and Herb Marcus
Lois and Martin Marcus
John McCue
Leanne McGann
Hedy and Michael Milgrom
Richard W. and Patricia R. Pogue
Gaye Ramstrom
Robert and Sylvia Reitman
Barrie and Rob Rosencrans
Drs. Joanne and Michael Schwartz
Boake and Marian Sells
Mrs. Eileen Sill
Crystal and Gary Thomas
Drs. Felix and Inna Vilinsky
Carole Hershey Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weltman
Seth and Courtney Willen
Gregory Wilson
Lee and Ageleke Zapis


$300 to $499

William Anstine
Cynthia Bassett
Michael and Kareen Caputo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Coakley, Jr.
Rosemary and David Deioma
Gene and Eileen Drust
Mary A. Dunbar
Emily and Howard Edelstein
Dr. Edward S. Godleski
Sally Good
Carol Gray
Peter and Alyson Hellman
Marguerite B. Humphrey
Dr. Nancy K. Johnson
Dick and Barbara Lederman
Edwin and Zachary Ward
Antoinette S. Miller
Stanley W. Morgenstern
David Muniak
Robert Perry
David Rosenberg
Judith Rosenthal
Richard Shirey
Amy Shurtz
Mrs. Linda Cornell Smythe
Doris Sopher
Jonathan and Catherine Stamler
Dr. Clarence L. Taylor
John Van Vleet
Carol Vandenberg
Sam Wainer
Neil Weinberger
Claudia Woods and David Osage


$200 to $299

Anonymous (2)
Edward Alix
Bonnie M. Baker
Laura Bauschard
Karl and Lisa Beus
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Brown
Lesley and Stephen Brown
Rick and Marni T. Bucchieri
Frances Seiberling Buchholzer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burry
Mr. Frederick W. Clarke IV
Dr. Diane M. De Grazia
Michael J. Downing
Peter Earl
Avroy and Roslyn Fanaroff
Midori Fiocchi
Bruce and Judith Ryder Frumker
Barbara and Peter Galvin
Frank and Maureen Greicius
Gail Grizzell
Martha Harding
Paul and Janet Havener
Craig Horst
Keith and Loren Israelstam
Adrian and Margaret Krudy
Jerry Kysela
Deborah Lefkowitz
Ms. Monica Marinko
David and Leslee Miraldi
Louise F. Mooney and John Gabel
Margie Moskovitz
Maureen Mullin
Ron and Judy Neuger
John O’Brien
Janna Ottman
Michael and Julie Pasternak
Wayne Pearsall
Lawrence Peskin
Elisabeth C. Plax
Rayka Radivoyevitch
Keith Robinson
Alex and Rae Rokakis
Karen Rothman
Martin Saltzman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schwartz
John and Laura Shields
Emma Shook
Sam and Sandy Smith
Evan Solomon
Bill Stigelman
Mary Lou V. Stricklin
Mr. Patrick Warczak, Jr.
Dan and Sindy Warren
Anne Webb


$100 to $199

Lynne Bajec
Faisal and Laurice Bakaeen
Robin and Luke Baum
Richard Bauschard
Marilyn M. Bedol
Drs. Bill and Janet Benish
Jerry Bierly
Nancy Binder
Judith and Ralph Bluhm
Marc and Mary Braun
Catherine and Nathan Brulport
Renee and Kerry Chelm
William M. Cole, Jr. and Kurt Karis
Gerald Davis
Peter Dobbins
Nora Drust
Carmel Fantelli
Lauren Fine
P. Jeffery Ford
Paula M. Forma-Paslawski and Peter A. Paslawski
Nina and Joseph Fried
David Gilson
Jane Hargraft
Kenneth Harwood
Frederick Heupler
Donald T. Hillier
Ariela Hrepic
Terence and Joyce Isakov
Linda Jones
Dr. Robert and Linda Katz
Betty Kemper
Kregg Kish
Richard Koletsky
Lee Koosed
Ursula Korneitchouk
Christina Körting
Jennifer and Roger Langston
Anthony LaPlaca
Michael Lederman and Sharmon Sollitto
Linda Lee
Steve and Maribeth Lekas
Mrs. Joan C. Long
Michael Maly
Tom and Barbara Marchetti
Mary Kay Maxson
Glenn and Ida Mercer
Helen Mitchell
Diane L. Moffett
Coletta Mulloy
Ellen and Stuart Neye
Mrs. Margaret B. Ocepek
Edward J. Olszewski
Alma G. Perla
Andrei Popescu
Bruce Rosenbaum
Howard and Sally Price Ross
Paul Schenly and Sophie Hiltner
Lynn K. Schmelzer
Donald Schmid
John and Barbara Schubert
Marcia and Betsy Schumann
Mary Shetterly
Nan T. Sims
Jerome and Renee Feldman Singer
James Smekal
Stephen and Lyle Smith
Paul E. Staker
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Starrett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan
Drs. Diana and Harris Taylor
Marcia Ungar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Uria
Jessica Wainer
Debra Yasinow
Denise N. Yasinow