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What is PianoFlicks?

Piano Cleveland recognizes that many musicians are still out of work, and like many of us during this time, have become a little more tech-savvy. We wanted to provide a new creative platform for musicians to entertain, collaborate, and artistically express and present music through our new video competition, PianoFlicks.

Our participants were challenged to select one of the general topics listed below that inspired them at some point throughout their musical journey. As a viewer, here is what you can expect to experience during our broadcast:

1. The World of Piano Music

Audiences have a chance to hear a story about a participant’s favorite composer, piece or see them artistically express their favorite things about a piano music genre. These videos may weave together stories with performance excerpts. It’s also possible you’ll hear a broad range in repertoire choices from Western art music of well-known or lesser-known composers to music from their native countries, transcriptions, or even their own compositions.

2. Art of Piano & Performance

Watch as contestants creatively touch on piano performance elements by combining piano music, technique, rhythm, or pedagogical tricks with other art forms such as dance, visual art, comedy, or cross-over music combinations.

3. My Piano and Me

Learn about our musician’s personal stories, experiences, or a funny moment they may have had with the piano. Perhaps a moment that influenced them during their performance, or maybe even someone else’s.